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Winter Glow Spectacular - Riverfront Park

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Spokane Winter Glow Lights


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2013 Winter All-Stars Poster


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Spokane Spike & Dig

Spokane Spike & Dig Is The Largest Outdoor Volleyball Tournament In U.S.

The first weekend in August, 2014


Class 73/74 Wins

G-Prep Alumni Tournament...Again

All Championship Team Photos

Alumni Tournament 2011

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Spokane Winter Glow Lights

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Girls In Pearls Christmas 2013 A

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Schmidt Construction

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Chicago Arch Tour


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Surfing 2013

Hawaii 2013 Slideshow

Molly & Bobby's Wedding

Schmidt Reunion

Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park 2

Lewis & Clark Clavens

Nick & Ashley's Wedding

Zipline Maui 2012

Whales in Maui 2012

Waterfalls in Maui 2012

Surfers in Maui 2012

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Photos in Maui 2012

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